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a national treasure

After a theatrical career in opera, ballet and musicals in London in the 70's Janette Miller emigrated to Auckland New Zealand where she ran a professional opera and ballet company for 10 years. Success came in her innovative, original narrated ballets for children, which filled large theaters every school holiday 'Dance Tales Story Ballets' became her first TV Series for BBC and NZ TV and was a finalist for Best Edited Program in USA LA Monitor Awards for technical excellence alongside CBS 60 Minutes.


The books on her shelves were falling to pieces. Horrified at the cost of repairs Miller decided to !Do It Yourself! and took up book binding as a hobby. After several frustrating years of trying to teach herself from books she had the good fortune to meet Master Bookbinder Peter Goodwin when she was recovering from a life threatening illness.




producer & director









Peter Goodwin invited Janette Miller   to work in his small bindery on a daily basis and do the menial jobs. It was a revelation. Watching a true master craftsman at work was a privilege and so that others could share in his craft and knowledge  and realizing that book binding was  a dying craft she decided to experiment by filming 'Restoring the Family Bible' the first DVD of Book Binding with Peter Goodwin Series using an ordinary but good DV Camcorder and editing on a basic TV edit program that came bundled with her computer.


The series was so successful becoming an best seller and it still is for it shows how a Journeyman Book Binder  actually did the job. Five other DVDs and a series YouTube tips followed. Sadly Peter Goodwin died quite suddenly but he is with us for posterity. Thanks to this set of DVDs his craft will live on forever.