In this DVD Master Bookbinder Peter Goodwin shows how he approaches this unusual binding. At the same time he demonstrates how he binds the traditional half-bound Leather book which is seen in libraries all over the world. The 1819 Atlas has a distinctive sewing technique that allows the Atlas to lie flat on the table.


Goodwin demonstrates the use of the plough. This was the old fashioned method of cutting edges before the guillotine was invented. It is rarely seen today and written explanations are hard to understand. However, once seen, never forgotten


Coloured hand-sewn head bands, paper repair and traditional half-leather bindings are also covered in detail. It is a treat to watch Peter Goodwin show how easy it is for beginners to work with leather, even parring is made simple. No expensive knives for Peter..His  no fuss approach is refreshing.

















Peter Goodwin bound books for over 64 years and was one of the last fully apprenticed journeyman bookbinders practicing his craft. Thanks to 'perfect binding' and the Brittle Book Syndrome traditional bookbinders are no longer needed. The craft slowly died and sadly Peter Goodwin too at the age of 84. This series of DVDs have left to posterity the way he practiced his craft thanks to Janette Miller who was able to film him binding a full bound leather book from start to gold finishing. It is only now that he is dead that one appreciates the brilliance of these bookbinding masters.

















Filmed by TV producer Janette Miller, in the bindery.



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