In this DVD master bookbinder Peter Goodwin demonstrates in detail how he achieves this full leather traditional binding, easily, with little fuss. He makes it look easy and in fact it is easy.


The fully bound beautifully decorated leather book is a joy to behold and a joy from which to read. Now one of the only ways you can own one of these attractive and costly books is to do it yourself.  Peter Goodwin worked for The Auckland Cities Libraries  which holds The First Four Folios of Shakespeare, some of the most precious books in the world. Only the finest bookbinders are allowed to repair and restore these volumes. Peter Goodwin was trusted with this work.


 Peter knew about books and how to repair and restore them. He was never beaten by a book. He shows you how it is done so you can do it the same way, like the master bookbinders.
















Peter Goodwin bound books for over 64 years and was one of the last fully apprenticed journeyman bookbinders practicing his craft. Thanks to 'perfect binding' and the Brittle Book Syndrome traditional bookbinders are no longer needed. The craft slowly died and sadly Peter Goodwin too at the age of 84. This series of DVDs have left to posterity the way he practiced his craft thanks to Janette Miller who was able to film him binding a full bound leather book from start to gold finishing. It is only now that he is dead that one appreciates the brilliance of these bookbinding masters.

As well as his love for books and biscuits Peter Goodwin is an enthusiastic stamp collector with Egypt as his specialized field.


























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