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Family Bible


In this DVD, master bookbinder Peter Goodwin demonstrates in detail how he restores a much loved Victorian family bible.


Many families have one of these precious books. No matter how hard they try to care for them, the bibles still seem to fall to bits. Sticky tape does not help! What you need is a bookbinder with the skill and knowledge to carry out what seems an impossible task.


Just what does it take to restore such a bible? How long does it take? How does the binder do it? How is a bible put together?


In this DVD Peter Goodwin shows how it is done. He explains why the bible falls to pieces in the first place, strips it down to thousands of pages and proceeds to put it together again in front of your eyes.


The secrets under the cover of the family bible are revealed for the world to see and you can marvel at the skill of the bookbinder as he restores it to its original glory.













Peter Goodwin has been a bookbinder for over 60 years. He is a true master and was one of the last apprenticed craftsman still in employment. Born in Leicester, England, he was apprenticed as a lad of 14 to ‘Boots the Chemist's’ bindery in Nottingham where he learned his trade over seven years.


He remained at Boots for many years until the bindery closed repairing books for the famous Boots Library as well as making all the stationary and diaries for the company. Eventually Peter Goodwin emigrated to New Zealand where he became Bindery Manager for The Auckland City Public Libraries, a post he held for 14 years.


Until he died in 2011  Peter still worked for three hours a day in his tiny bindery in Takapuna's commercial district in  Auckland restoring Family Bibles, minute books, paperbacks as well as undertaking highly specialized albums for Auckland City Council. In his seventies Peter enjoyed his new status as a television presenter. He has a natural talent and an amusing turn of phrase.
As well as his love for books and biscuits Peter Goodwin is an enthusiastic stamp collector with Egypt as his specialized field.


































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