I have many passions, some secret that I am not even going to tell you, but some I can share. I am addicted to the arts and the best. Life is short, only time for the best. I shall be adding more ASAP.


Peter Goodwin

Goodwin gave me a chance at the worst moments of my life. He was as skilled  as any artist.  His craft is gone but his DVDs are forever.



Benjamin Britten was my musical mentor and guide. He gave me my career and my life.


Noel Tovey

The extraodinary Noel Tovey an Aboriiginal theatre, dance and human rights protagonist was my Cupid.


William Dart

When I asked William Dart to play the piano version of Schoenberg' s Erwartung

he said YES



Tony Fomison

NZ's foremost fine artist colborated  with me fo my production of the Beethoven's opera Fidelio.

People who have helped me


A few people in my life time have taken the  trouble to help me and I am just so grateful because without them and with the extra handicap of being a woman I should never have got off first base. There are more, some women, not a lot of women, and my husband who does not count. These will be added  as I go along.

I love Lieder / Songs


What would life be without a couple a disasters.

I have had several of these and one or two have been hair raising.

Do disasters make one a better person? I doubt it

So here is a list with links.


Janette-Miller's new Adobe Muse web site First reveal

Posted 25 Sept 2015

Welcome to  My World and to my brand new Adobe Muse Website.

Janette-Miller/Heffernan welcomes you to her company and personal website. Here you will learn all the passions of the owner. Opera and ballet, bookbinding and philately,  croquet, computers, gardening and trying  unsuccessfullly to encourage all to make Do It Yourself Movies to share your passions. This is a site in progress and experimentation is the  keyword. Nothing ventured nothing learned. Enjoy.


About three months ago Google decided it didn't like the way my www.janetteheffernan.com, website translated onto tablets and smartphones and dire consequences would ensue if I didn't do something about it. This of course did not happen but I did take a look at my old website, which still looks OK on Desktops  and gave it a think! I can see if I ought to do something and mature enough to take action.


Jackie Collins, my old school friend -

Postedto 21 Sept  2015

I had the luck to be at school with Jackie Collins who has just died of breast cancer. We were in the same class but it appears she was much older than me. We became students together at Aida Foster and we all knew her as the sister of Joan Collins who had been at the school and that, secret, secret, she had been expelled from her previous school.


I arrived at the age of 15 at Aida Foster Stage School in Golders Green. My ballet school AES which I loved was threatening to close down and my mother loathed the headmistress there because she felt she was cruel that I was taken away and dumped at Aida Foster as mother wanted me in musicals not ballet. There was nothing I could do.





Janette Miller