Precious books require special boxes and bookbinder Peter Goodwin demonstrates how to make a slip case and a Solander Box to protect your books


Making boxes is a challenging project. The book must fit the box ! It is frustrating to learn from a book but once you see how easy it is when demonstrated by a master craftsman the art of box making becomes a pleasure.


This is the sixth DVD in the series. Boxes can be tricky so it is essential, if you don't want to spend hours of frustration to see how to make one in detail first! Trying to make one from looking at book instructions is almost impossible















Many men enjoy watching a master craftsman at work and find it compelling viewing. The way Peter Goodwin handles paste and paper is a joy to behold. In fact one fan went so far as to say Goodwin was a 'National Treasure'!


Peter Goodwin bound books for over 64 years and was one of the last fully apprenticed journeyman bookbinders practicing his craft. Thanks to 'perfect binding' and the Brittle Book Syndrome traditional bookbinders are no longer needed. The craft slowly died and sadly Peter Goodwin too at the age of 84. This series of DVDs have left to posterity the way he practiced his craft thanks to Janette Miller who was able to film him binding a full bound leather book from start to gold finishing. It is only now that he is dead that one appreciates the brilliance of these bookbinding masters.














Filmed by TV producer Janette Miller, in the bindery.



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