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Jan Mila Ltd specializes in making  DVDs and CDs of what is usually considered noncommercial content. In 2007 Janette Miller filmed Master Book Binder Peter Goodwin in his Auckland Bindery. This series Bookbinding with Peter Goodwin that is available on CreateSpace.com has become a best seller and is now also available on Amazon.com and Selfy


Peter Goodwin was  possibly the last of the journeyman bookbinders. Following  a seven year apprenticeship he worked for Boots the Chemist in Nottingham for many years before emigrating to New Zealand where he became Library Manager for Auckland City Libraries where he looked after the folios of Shakespeare.

Dance Tales Story Ballets is a children's television series that was shown on the BBC to introduce children to the delights of classical ballet. Based on Janette Miller's highly successful children's school holiday shows which packed theaters  for many years. The secret ingredient was a narrator to tell the story! Thees ballets continue to delight and will soon be able to be streamed in HD to continue to delight  adults and children alike.


Janette Miller  was a singer of both musicals and opera in London West End. She worked as a soloist for  Benjamin Britten  who encouraged her love of Lieder and songs. The Songs of the Auvergne sung in English has been much admired . As a producer she has directed over 40 operas and ballets and one of her favorites are The Cabaret Songs of Arnold Schoenberg who also started in musical theatre.  She is working on Winterreise by Schubert. Lastly in her mature years Janette Miller achieved her ambition to produce TV programmes. Being a woman this was not possible in her youth and so she wanted to encourage others to do the same. This has not been an outstanding success but Janette Miller lives in hope. YouTube lost her DIYTV Movies channel but it is still there to be seen if not managed and one day she hopes to revive it.



Janette Miller

My  World  - Janette Miller


Welcome to my world! A personal world of ballet, opera, bookbinding and gardening  and interesting people with whom I have met or worked. I have mixed with princes and beggars. I have enjoyed my trip on the big blue marble. Some of it has been pretty tough.

My computers have given me the world which I love whether the world appreciates me is an open question. I have had to wait 60 years for my world and it has been worth it for now I have the freedom to express myself for I can take complete control only my technical ability holds me back and that I can cope with one click at a time.

I have to do everything,. Everything.! If you see it here I have done it. Not many people can do this. In fact in this area I seem to be a one off.

So here it is the triumphs and disasters, I chose to take the risk, I may not have climbed Everest but got quite a long way up the mountain of life .

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